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  • What are the dimensions and quality of the mats?
    Our deluxe yoga mats are ¼" (6mm) thick and 74" long. We believe our extra-thick, extra-long yoga mats are the thickest, stickiest yoga mats available on the market today, and of course, they are a latex-free and free of heavy metals. Compare length and thickness of mats. All mats are not created equal.
  • What's used for the embroidery?
    We use a high quality 100% rayon embroidery thread with a glossy luster. Need a special color? Just ask. And, yes, our mats are embroidered, not printed.
  • Are the mats gift wrapped?
    Each of our products comes completely wrapped for gift giving. Our yoga mats, yoga mat bags and pet mats are packaged in clear bags and tied with coordinating satin ribbons. Our place mats and coasters are packaged in clear boxes that display the place mats on one side and the coasters on the other. (Yes, each place mat order includes matching coasters.) Since our product make wonderful gifts, we include a gift card with each order ready for your gift message. Or, if we are sending the gift directly to the recipient, we can enclose a hand written gift message as well as delete any pricing information.
  • How long do the mats take to order?
    We embroider the products in the order that they are received. Each mat is embroidered individually as per your specifications as to font, color and personalization. Typically, mats embroidered in the beginning of the week are shipped on or before the following week. During holiday periods or extremely busy times this period may be longer. If you need a mat by a certain time, please let us know and we will do our best to try to accommodate the request. The expedited shipping orders are given priority, however they still may take 1-3 days for embroidery, prior to shipping.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we do ship internationally. Each mat weighs approximately 4 pounds. Call or email us for a quote. Sometimes we use UPS, sometimes DHL, and sometimes the US postal service. We try to get the best rate for you. You will be responsible for all duties.
  • What are the rules for monograms?
    Monograms are a little tricky, so here are some generally accepted rules: Monograms with a larger center letter (as in our Diamond Monogram or Fancy Monogram fonts) Single person - The last name is the largest letter in the center position of the monogram (First name, Last name, Middle name) for example - Alexandra Bea Clark's monogram would be ACB Married Person - The married name is the largest letter in the center position of the monogram (First name, Married name, Maiden name) for example - If Alexandra Clark becomes Alexandra Clark Devine, her monogram becomes ADC Married Couple - The married name is the largest letter in the center position of the monogram with the first letters of both first names on either side. For example, if Alexandra Clark married Evan Devine their monogram would be ADE. Monograms with the same size letters (as in our Script Capital Letters or print font) Single or married - the letters are in the same order as the name. For example, Alexandra Bea Clark would use ABC or Alexandra Clark Devine would use ACD.
  • Are discount/coupon codes available?
    As consumers ourselves, we love finding coupons, however, we really are not happy when we believe someone else is getting a better deal. For that reason, we do not offer discount codes or coupons for our products. We did offer a discount for 8 weeks during November and December 2010 in conjunction with our mats being selected as one of Dr Oz's Favorite things in the holiday gift guide of O, The Oprah Magazine. The code and discount is no longer valid.
  • Can you embroider custom logos?
    Yes, we can embroider your logo on yoga mats to enhance your branding. We work from a jpg or pdf of the logo to create an embroidery file suitable for embroidery on yoga mats. This process typically costs $100 (unless its extraordinarily large or complex). Once you are satisfied with the design, we can use the file for embroidery onto the mats or bags. This is a one-time charge. The file is yours to use repeatedly whenever you would like to re-order mats. Therefore, there is no need to order large quantities, just order what you need.
  • Do you offer discounts on large orders?
    Yes, we do offer quantity discounts beginning with a 10 mat order. The mats must have the same embroidery design. (Use your custom logo and the quantity discount to sell mats at your studio).
  • Are special orders for bridal parties and spa parties available?
    Call us. We love to work with you to coordinate mats or placemats with your wedding or shower colors. We offer bridal party discounts when all the mats have the same colors and font styles.
  • How about wholesale?
    No, we do not wholesale our yoga mats. The mats are created individually, so wholesaling would require us to raise our retail price. And, we don't want to do that. Yes, we do offer wholesale programs for retail stores for our pet mats with generic embroidery and placemats (without embellishment). Call or email us for information.
  • What's the policy with mistakes/errors/goofs?
    Although we really try out best, occasionally mistakes happen. If this occurs, just call or email us, we want to make things right. Our business depends on making our customers happy! If an error is on the customer, at this time, we can not accept returns or exchanges and do not offer refunds.
  • Mats that Matter and Charity Mats?
    Yes, we would love to add additional charities to our offerings. The organization must be a 501(c)(3). Please call or email us for details.
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